Termite Control

One of Australia’s most common home invaders. Termites can be very destructive on both the exterior and interior of your house.

KnockEm Down Pest Control has proudly partnered with TermShield to offer all of our customers Termite control on top of our usual services.

TermShield is pesticide free termite protection requiring minimal maintenance, no ongoing pesticide re-treatments, and will not corrode or rust in any environment.

It is installed around slab penetrations and building perimeters providing effective, warranted protection for a minimum 60 years*.

The TermShield Termite Management System utilises an integrated, non penetrable, superior TS 1000 grade – stainless steel woven mesh (compliant to new Australian standards), which when integrated into homes and commercial structures at the time of construction is designed and proven to stop concealed termite ingress.


Call us now on 0434 127 565 one of the friendly team will contact you regarding your termite problem.

We guarantee you’ll be glad you did.

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